Sunday, October 29, 2006

I've realised that while I've been working as a lead Artist I haven't actually produced as much of my own work as I would like. I seem to spend all my time managing the team or even doing the thankless tasks that most people don't enjoy like developing processes, investigating technology and general touch up of work. I've said to myself a number of times that I need to get back on track and start doing my own thing again. At some point soon I hope to start doing that.

Anyway, until then I'm posting some early work which is a few years old now but at least it might get me thinking about getting started again.

The images below are samples of the early concept work for the cross platform game 'Goblin Commander'. I was part of the concept and development team for the project and it was the last thing I worked on before I moved back to the UK 4 years ago. Obviously just sketch pad scribbles really but I use to keep a large amount of pocket sketch books on the go. Something I'm finally starting to do again.

Shame the time stamp on these post is so far off. So I'll add my own time stamp
7.45pm (UK time)


superstar said...

good picture

Steve M said...

Thanks SuperStar

Also, thanks for Dropping by :)