Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Good Morning all, at 6.50am.

Well, up fairly early this morning. I got away from work yesterday so that I could take my Daughters 'Trick or treating'. It was good fun although we don't have very many sociable neighbours near us. There were a few that were good though and had got some candy in just incase we came around. Sarah (4) was dressed as a witch although she can't wear face paints because of her allergies and Baby Blaire (1) was dressed as a fairy princess. She was totally loving her little pink dress. Anyway, we now have enough Candy to last us a good few weeks because we bought some in just incase we got some visitors ourselves but with only 4 trick or treaters turning up we still have a large amount of sweets left.

Anyway. I'm posting some more old art work today. These are the concept sketches for the main character in a game I worked on called Nightcaster a fantasy action title. In order, we have some initial early pre production sketches followed by some early production sketches and finally a sketch which resulted in the final look of the character. Weirdly enough the original paper sketch for the 3rd image was given away to someone in a competition on TeamXbox. I have no idea who got it in the end.

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